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May 27, 2008

I'm such a premium dancer.

Sometimes I find myself inherently liking someone before I really know them. Sometimes it’s something about their face or just one thing they do or say that I immediately decide their okay in my book. For example, whenever someone quotes Arrested Development or likes the movie Cool Hand Luke or shakes their hips a lot when they dance…Then I know they’re someone worth getting to know. On the other hand if someone quotes Grey’s Anatomy they are completely unreasonable (just kidding…Some of my best friends are GAddicts).

So my brothers are playing some Mario game for the Wii that is on acid and five other drugs...A drug cocktail I suppose. Anyway, there are swirling colors and the point of gravity changes and water levels go up and down. And it’s in something like 16 dimensions. Oh, and there’s lava. And then there’s Super Smash Brothers for the Wii…No longer can you just throw people off cliffs…You have to throw them off while the background is traveling through space or one flying platforms that change to new settings. Or the levels that move along as you’re playing. But don’t get me wrong, I love Super Smash Brothers in any form… ANY FORM. I don’t remember who I was talking to but they mentioned how it seems like people only repeat themselves in movies and not in real life. I think I repeat things for emphasis in real life though, because I just did. JUST. DID.

Watched Everything is Illuminated. A gorgeous film. But I’d seen it before and I freaked out and fast forwarded through part at the end that I really don’t like watching. ‘Lijah kind of makes creepy faces sometimes, but he’s a good kid. And Eugene Hutz is hilarious. Also this movie and Royal Tenenbaums proves that guys in track suits win at life.

Also saw Indiana Jones today with my family. I think if Lucas and Spielberg want to continue making Indiana Jones movies they should. More power to them.

And then I saw Iron Man (yes, I wasted about 6 or 7 hours today watching films). It was great, like everyone said it would be. Certain types of movies will never get old. People love movies with heroes. And if they’re really, really, cool heroes all the better. Iron man happened to be really cool. He had five nice cars, some planes, was rich, got the ladies (I didn’t appreciate that part so much), and helpful robot assistants. And then he builds himself a suit to fight bad guys. What a guy.

I kind of want to pick a fight with someone. Maybe I’ll take up boxing. But I’m definitely not going professional because I don’t want to end up being a million dollar baby. I’m more of a couple thousand dollar baby. Not quite so high maintenance. Ha.

I’m highly in need of a Switzerland in my life.

Well, world of the wide web, this is me saying good night.

good night.

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