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Jan 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

1. save up and buy my own 5D...or maybe 6D. this means eating more eggs and less things that are expensive.
2. eat more than one meal a day each day. pack my lunches and breakfasts. 
3. make a music video for at least 4/16 songs on the album Red.
4. exercise...anything really, just so i don't die young. but preferrably something that will give me a sexy bod.
5. graduate from uni
6. be a photographer for reals because turns out i enjoy it.
7. go exploring outside of my usual places
8. see our short in some festivals.
9. loose the anxiety/angst i've been dragging around lately. love people more. be happy for other people
s successes. 
10. blog more? maybe. write more definitely. write something everyday.

Okay, these are not so much resolutions as a to-do list but I like them.

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