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Dec 31, 2012

From the Lauren Laws Family

What. A. Year....

The beginning of this year I was digging my claws into Roman soil hoping that day would never come that I would be pulled away. Rung in the new year with two of my favorite mission companions watching our neighbors set off fireworks on their porch and then for three weeks I was saying good-bye to the people who had come to mean so much to me.

I landed back in America the 2nd to last day of January and came home to find Christmas still in-tact (though the tree was turning brown and shedding pine needles like crazy). Obviously I was excited to see my family after 18 months. 

April I took my first screenwriting class and fell in love. I took another class in the Fall for television writing and this coming semester I will be taking two more writing classes. I love writing. Period.

Over the summer I lived in no less than four different houses. Kissed no less than four different boys and decided that maybe I needed to settle in somewhere slightly more permanent. 

I have been with my current boyfriend for 5 months and he is the sweetest. We have gone on excursions to San Francisco, the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Oak City to name a few. Our favorite Indian-American fusion restaurant closed less than a week after we ate there for the first time. 

Fall was consumed by producing a short film Weeping which was one of the greatest experiences a student could ask for. I made so many new friends and worked with talented, talented people. We are excited to finish it up in the next couple months. Heads up, it's going to be a wonderful little piece.

This year I've learned how important it is to surround yourself with good people and people who really care about you. I have some incredible people in my life who have supported me in my successes and in my failures. That is a blessing I try not to take for granted.

I learned about Instagram (saw the blessed day it came to Android users), Pinterest, and most ultimately, GetGlue. 

I had a weird disease that made my face swell up like a muppet, two surgeries, dressed up like Katniss three times, met my two nieces, started getting obsessed with photography and got paid to do it a couple times, stopped counting how many friends were getting married, decided my dream is to work for NBC , started a girl's comedy group, etc. etc.

It sort of felt like a transitioning/figuring things out year. I am very excited for the one to come and all the plans I have. 

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