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Jan 11, 2013

How To DIY

So there's this thing called Pinterest that is really good at giving you wonderful ideas about things you want to make or be or laugh at. It gives you this sense of empowerment as if you could do anything you  put your mind to.

Here is how I did Pinterest over Christmas Break. 

1. Found this via Pinterest. 

2. Showed the picture to my mom.

3. Asked mom to make it.

4. Told her I like blue.

5. Watched her make it.

6. Made a bow bracelet out of felt--NOT inspired by Pinterest--but really easy to make in while mum slaved over the skirt. 

Pinterest is incredible when you really know how to use it.

My mom would not, however, approve of these photos because the skirt is wrinkly, but I had to take them real fast and pack to go home. oops!

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E. said...

You are fabulous.