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Jun 12, 2012

Shaping the Future

I just read an article How to Talk to Little Girls that made the point that when you see a curly haired, brightly dressed, big eyed little girl the first thing you want to say is, "aren't you adorable??" or "You're so pretty!" Because it's true and it boosts the self esteem, right? This article says that this attitude, while well-intentioned may be a cause for girls thinking that the number one thing they need to be, above all else, is pretty.

It goes on to say how there are so many other things we could be talking about with our young female friends books and dreams and such.

Which reminded me of yesterday when I saw on another blog a baby clothing store with the desire to inspire children and also remind us that child are the future. Because "children are born to be more than princesses and superheroes." 

This is something that I've admitted to few people as sort of a complex of mine, I, like many a girl have been complimented on various aspects of my looks throughout my life--starting at a young age as I apparently learned to bat my eyelashes before I even left the hospital. I enjoy being pretty, don't get me wrong, and I enjoy those compliments, but I also know...that looks don't last so when it is generally the first compliment people give it is a little unnerving because I know someday those qualities will leave and then will people still have something to say about me?

Compliments are a tricky thing.
I, personally, am awful at them both in giving and accepting. I love and appreciate people so much but am never quite sure how to tell them, there is always awkwardness even when you are telling people something they want to hear. I am trying, however, to overcome that because I believe in telling people that they are good and point out specific things they do well.

When you tell people what they are doing well they will be more inspired to keep doing well. I've seen it in other people and felt it in myself. People need to be told they are worthwhile, because for some reason we always forget.

Equally important is telling people what they can be, we need to be reminded of our massive potential. Numerous times in my life people have told me I can do things or that I am great at things and I didn't believe them, because they were talking about things I had never done. But, guess what, we can do things we've never done before simply by doing them. It is a marvelous principle. We just need the encouragement.

I feel blessed always, for friends and family who have pushed and encouraged and complimented me through various projects and ideas and decisions. I love you all. I should also say "I love you" more.

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