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Jun 2, 2012

I'm currently craving:

Chocolate covered pretzels,
Acai berry tea,
or those chocolate covered Acai berries from Costco,
$1 chocolate milkshake from Del Taco,
Grilled cheese,
Vitamin water,
A donut,
Australian apple licorice,
Chicken nuggets,
Frozen yogurt,
Apple limeade,
A salad,
A really good sandwich,
A pear,
A calf massage,
Maybe some pasta in pink sauce,
A good cupcake.

Or like a chicken sandwich with cheese and apples and lettuce on it.

Is this normal flu induced behavior?
And does someone want to bring me all of those things?
And some bacon.
Just kidding, I don't like bacon.
Probably the only person on the planet who doesn't.
Maybe some jello.
Or an otter pop.

Ran out of Parks and Rec and now I'm watching Portlandia. It's not all that great but is sort of making me homesick.
"My flannel shirt still fits in, in Portland."

And now none of those things on the list sound good anymore. Dangit.

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