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Jun 3, 2012


3. Describe your relationship with your parents
I love my parents. I would be more than content to marry someone exactly like my dad. He treats my mom so well. The only times I remember him getting mad about something was in defense of my mom. He is the kind of dad that is hilarious and loving and demands respect in a gentle way. The kind of dad that would take his family to Saudi Arabia for two years just for the experience. I like watching movies with him and eating popcorn. He helped me build (and almost helped me patent) the "Bunk Swing" a double-decker swing we build in our backyard. He taught me how to fish and then hid the fish from me because I was scared of it. He lied to me about a rollercoaster so I would go on it, "Is this the huge scary one we saw from the parking lot?" "No." Halfway through the ride: "It IS the one from the parking lot!!!!" He always tells me that I can do anything. We don't always communicate a ton, but I know he's always there for me. 

My mom...is the most fantastic woman know. She instantly draws people in with her fun and loving personality. Every day I realize more and more that I am about 85% her and I am happy about that. She is artistic. She is kind. She magnifies every calling she has ever had at church. She is stylish, no one believes she is as old as she is (which is about 35). She knows how to endure hardships with a positive attitude. She has supported me in my decisions good or bad and has never tried (or at least tried very hard) to make me be anything I didn't want to be. She does tell me the ways I can improve, like a good mom should and even though sometimes it bugs me I still love her for it. She is the kind of mom that will dress up for a midnight showing of Hunger Games. She sent seemingly endless boxes of fruit snacks to Italy. She is my go-to girl to talk about my problems. She is the best and I'm not just saying that because all my friends love her too.

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