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Jun 4, 2012


In doing these 30 things I can't help but wonder if anyone cares about random facts about me, but then I realize...We, humans in general, care about other humans. I know I do, I care about stories big and small. So we are going on with number 4...
4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could. 
Dear 16-year-old Lauren,

I would tell you not to date that other guy because he wasn't really all that good for you. Or not to keep falling for that one guy because he'll end up marrying your cousin anyway. But those experiences you'll have will shape you into the person you are today and you actually learned a lot from those people and they  I kind of like me and I like having those stories that give life flavor.

So what I will tell you is someday you're going to realize your mom knows what she's talking about and you should always be kind to her because she's the greatest thing that's ever happened to you. I'll tell you to watch more movies because you are going to be waaaaaay behind when you finally choose a major. I will tell you that if any boy asks you to go somewhere with him just do it without thinking so much--that sounds like REALLY bad advice, but gosh-dang you ruined SO many surprises just by being stubborn.

I would also tell you to not eat all that garlic the night before the winter formal, but that made a good story too.

Don't make mom make you a dress for that one assembly because it stressed her out hardcore.

Don't go running through parking lots with those heels without traction because who knows how much damage that concussion did.

Record your final for senior IB history "Hindi Heartland", because it was so brilliant and would be hilarious to watch later (right now).

Learn how to park better.

Keep better track of your sweatshirts.

Keep a better journal.

With love,
Lawsy (you get a lot of nicknames between 16 and 23)

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