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Mar 21, 2012

bits and pieces.

Look at the cute baby!!!

To go with my cute life...

MeganG and I were all revved up to go to Institute and no one told us it was cancelled
so we ate Blizzards...almost an equivalent.
well, the kid working was talking up the buy one get one 99c deal (duh, that's why we were there) and then forgot to ring it up as such. 
maybe I will just continue to post moderately embarrassing moments that people other than me have.

I try to make going out in public with me as embarrassing as possible.
Wait. Did I say try? It comes natural. 

did not buy the panda hat and purse. did buy the Muppets. impulse buy that i don't regret for a moment.
wish you could see the detailing on Aaron's betty bop hat.

I used the automatic check-out and when I got my change the dollar bills shoot out at me and went all over the floor like I had just won at the slots.
"Does this happen to normal people?" 
"I think you have just always looked at the world so whimsically that it is now reacting in the same way."
we've got a good thing going, the world and I.

Me, earlier, trying to be defiant about something:
"So, that's it. And if he says, 'no' then I'll say "okay!"..And if he says 'maybe' then I'll be like, 'okay!'" 
Dad (just coming into the conversation): "and if he says, 'yes.'?"
"Then I'll probably say, 'okay."
So glad I've got all the bases covered. Even though "yes" is not an acceptable answer to the question which was formed in the negative.

I don't know what's happened.
I am me, but a better version of who I was before, 
I wear blazers and eat hamburgers
and grey, I've fallen madly in love with the color grey
and am even a semi-master at pintrest recipes.
and almost enjoy being organized.

So, I have noticed that the radio (even when shuffling between four stations) always plays the following songs:
Before He Cheats
Someone Like You

I have Pandora on quickmix and it keeps playing Christmas music and Regina Spektor.
This has been the longest Christmas I have ever had.

Also, I just have to say I love this line from Christina Perri 
(p.s. is that some poorly disguised codename of Katy Perry's?)
"I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed."
I don't know why, but I think that is just brilliant.

I'll tell you, Salem, you are making me kind of sad to leave.

This is the end. Did you follow? That is literally how my brain works.

And I stopped bothering with finishing thoughts/sentences AGES ago.

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