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Mar 21, 2012

The bargain bins.

Goodwill, the second hand store, has outlets where they send the clothes that don't get sold and then sell them by the pound. They dump them out in big bins and you dig around hoping to find a steal and not lyme disease.
 Well, we went last Friday. My aunt, her friend, mum, and I. My aunt's friend is a seasoned pro, in fact she found a coat with 20 dollars in the pocket and ended up making money. We pooled all our finds together so in the end we only paid 98c a pound for our items. Meaning my mom and I got all this (and some baby clothes that aren't pictured)...

...for about 15 dollars. Including the shoes which were a flat 2.75.

So, I got some Ralph Lauren pants. Mum got a London Fog jacket. All new looking stuff. Because a lot of times they price the nice stuff higher at Goodwill so it doesn't end up selling and they ship it off to the bins. There was some stuff from Liz Claiborne, etc. etc. Good deals to be had by all. And it's fun.

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