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Mar 19, 2012

That Was a Darn Good Weekend.

Hi, world. I have been having a fantastic time lately, in case you were wondering.

Thursday, I watched one of my favorite 30 Rock episodes to date. Liz+Chris might be my favorite thing ever. The last five minutes of the episode killed me. Topped any romantic comedy ever. Watch it.

Friday I spent the morning with one of my heroes and then hit the Goodwill bins for super bargain shopping (more on those two things later, with pictures). Then went and saw Sherlock Holmes 2 with my newest best friend. Loved the movie. Love those two men. Also, love the theater where I can watch movies and eat quesadillas at the same time.

St. Patrick's Day was fantastic. Started with my saintly brother playing his cello at a retirement home...and then pretending like he didn't like me. Such a sweetheart. But seriously, my little brother is probably the coolest kid I know. Super talented. And I love this picture I got of him with his cello.

Yes, I am wearing several shades of green. Whether I am Irish or not it's either go big or go home with me and every Catholic gone pagan holiday. My family celebrated by going to see...

(because there is nothing greener than Elphaba and the Emerald City) 
I just LOVED it. The sets/costumes were awesome and the acting was great and I loved the music and the plot and...everything! 

Then, there was the added bonus that I saw my buddy Phil and his wife during intermission! What are the chances? So slim. It was so magical. I realized he is the first BYU/Film person I have seen in person since I got back. Made me realize how much I cannot wait to hug you all. Reunions are fantastic. I missssss you. Talking on the phone gives you this false sense of closeness, but there is nothing like being together (more on general being togetherness later, I have so much to blog about that I've been neglecting). see you SO soon, Provo! The mission feels like a dream and it seems like I just saw you all, but really it's been AGES and a glorious reunion is in order.

Heather and I saw this awesome tree across from the Arabian restaurant we went to so we ran across the street to take the following pictures...We got Arabian food to celebrate the culture we actually are a part of.
Made me miss Italy and Achmed.

Then there was today where I lost my brain and woke up late so I had to rush to rub the leftover green eyeshadow off my face and decided to wear my new pencil skirt which doesn't permit long strides (I'm trying to set up a good visual for you here can you see it?) so after a bit of chaos I get there and wonder why everyone is waiting around for the 2nd hour meeting to start...somehow I forgot that church started at 1 and not 1:30 and I did not make the connection until I asked someone.  But to make myself feel better I will tell you how I wasn't the only one with embarrassing absentmindedness today, because I got to head a rescue mission when Caleb's car ran out of gas. Which started by going to my garage and finding four gas cans...all empty. We were just talking about how important it is to keep the Sabbath day holy, how we try and keep our activities Christ-focused the whole day (and Mormons in general we don't do anything that involves work or causing other people to work if we can help it) and then we had to go buy gas...

This is him trying not to get gas on his suit. His BMW from 197something is so adorable and the tank cap is behind the license plate. I don't know a darn thing about cars, but I love this one. Red leather, wood paneling on the inside. Analog clock. Not a great picture, but it was dark.

Just like always, I am getting attached to everyone as I am about to go. I am amazed how many fantastic people there are every place you go. I was sitting in the theater last night, with all these people and I for a moment I just thought, what if I am in the Truman Show and all these people are here, just for me. Not in a selfish way, but in a--I literally feel like everyone who comes into my life somehow is so very much meant to be there. Everywhere I go I meet amazing people who affect my life, even in the smallest ways, that lady that gave us directions on the bus one day in Rome even though we had almost no idea how to explain where we needed to go, or the hilarious man at the gas station tonight with his long beard and his crocheted ya-mica. 

I just can't believe that I am lucky enough to have all these great people in my life. Or the irony of talking to someone at church who has the same taste in movies/music and then walking out to the parking lot together and discovering we have the same kind of car, parked next to each other, because I thought earlier, "I am going to park by the car that is like mine." My life is a movie, there is even foreshadowing. Everything just lines up too perfectly. 

All I can think to say in conclusion is a quote from one of my English Course students back in Sicily, 
"If life had your face, it would be a good life."

we've got our midnight tickets for Hunger Games and costumes in the works!


A. said...

I'm so sad that I'm not in Provo anymore so I can't see you when you go back.

Jena said...

I don't remember if I ever told you this, but you SIL, Heather, was my EFY roommate when I was 15. I loved her, and if I ever saw her again, I'd probably still love her.