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Jan 29, 2012

The last days

What can I say?

Thursday morning the assistants to president Kelly came and picked me and Sorella Camp up. As we drove away I did a dramatic recounting of some memories from the area..

"aw, there is the park where we taught Stefano...there is the gelateria where we taught Stefano..,there is the post office where S.lla Stebar had to pay a fine..." etc. etc.

Then we were at the train station where I saw nearly everyone I've served with which was pretty special...and heartbreaking. Talking to Anz. Holland my "son" was probably the saddest part after saying goodbye to S.lla Camp.

Then we went to the mission home. President gave me some good advice for the future.

Okay,I am boring myself, more on this later...is 8am too early for curry?
Didn't think so.


A. said...

There is never a time too early for curry. Never.

Can hardly wait to catch up with you.

Lindsey said...

Welcome Back Lauren!!!