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Jan 31, 2012

...i'm back.

Listening to: Crossfire - Brandon Flowers i might be listening to it over and over again
Typing to you from: Salem, OR it's oh, so pretty and full of memories that make me happy.
Multi-tasking: Looking at Courtney + Tom's wedding pictures and weeping

Hi, world, don't know if I have ever formally introduced myself... My name is Lauren Laws. To some people that's Lawsy, to some people that's Ren, and just about everything in between, you can choose your suffix.

I just completed one of the most amazing experiences of my life as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (ever heard of it? well, that's why we have missionaries, though thanks to Mitt I think just about everyone has heard of the Church now.)

I missed a few things while I was gone, but this was probably the cutest one...I'm an aunt!

And then there is this sad part of your mission where they tell you take the tags off...never to be put on again. Because you are done and that's that.

It's the sort of thing that is hard to describe to anyone who has never been there. This adjustment period. Imagine having a very, very structured, disciplined life, with lots of rules and lots of things to do that are all selfless and rewarding and nothing to do with your own life or wants or desires. In general living a life that as my mission president put it was, "not natural", but living in such a way that we could be focused on one thing and one thing only, helping others come unto Christ. Missionary life is hard to explain, but it was oh so rewarding.

Then you're back in the world and a lot of things that used to matter don't seem to matter anymore and it's like you can see things a lot clearer, the important things, but then I get confused by simple things, like white eggs or seeing three different Taco Bells on the way home, or trying to remember how Americans greet each other (which I am not sure I knew before I left). I don't know anything about the election and my brother's voice is octaves lower than when I left. And I am congratulating people who got married over a year ago and it's sort of like being Han Solo coming out of the wall...But, really not at all, because no one gave me a light saber. I don't even have a phone yet...which is a bummer because I want to catch up with people not over IM and internet means.

But it's good to be back. My bed is so comfy and Sonic drinks are so good. It was such a wonderful experience, but just like any experience, you are only given as long as you are given. I am ready for the next chapter. Who is with me?

What movies from the last eighteen months do I need to see?

Now listening to: For Reasons Unknown over and over and over.
Multitasking: Looking at JMag's wedding pictures and weeping.


A. said...

Fleet Foxes. Stop everything and listen to Fleet Foxes. "Helplessness Blues". Ready, go.

Lindsey said...

Movies: The Sherlock Holmes Movies, Leap Year, Red Riding Hood (a darker version of the story), Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, HP (of course), & The Help.

They all have my stamp of approval. :0)

babetta said...

Tree of Life is like listening in on someone's/watching a prayer. Pretty amazing and beautiful. Good transition film for post-mish...I would assume. :)

I'll have to think of more.

bjoylaws said...

Welcome home--it was wonderful following your mission via blog. What is next!?!

Who Is Courtney? said...

You are the most wonderful. So glad you're back. So glad. Would be more glad if you were back in the beehive state, but that's OK. I can still be glad that you're back on American soil I suppose.

Looking at our wedding photos and weeping??? What are you? Me?

Movies (and television):
-Midnight in Paris (a total must)
-The Artist
-The King's Speech (!)
(for your Oscar pics)
And there are a few others that I'm not sure are post-mission approved, but we can talk about them later.

Downton Abbey
Sherlock (the BBC Series)

Best New Band to Listen to:
The Belle Brigade w/
"Sweet Louise" being their best Valentines Day selection. Seriously...listen now.