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Jan 26, 2012

Do you believe it!!!

 I have less days than some of these Anziani have years in the mission.
But I feel like Rome has been extra good to me as a going away present.
 It. has. been. amazing.
 We haven't taught as many lessons as we would have liked, but the ones we have taught have been AMAZING. Oh my word there are some amazing people here that I just adore.
Where do I begin? We got ahold of Teresa again, had an amazing lesson the
re. Antonia is amazing. Everyone is amazing. Ha.
 I don't even know what to tell you.

I will tell you that I am going to miss:

Teaching about the Plan of Salvation whilst sitting on Roman aqueducts.
Try and imagine this.
Sitting on old ruins,
the sun on our faces--even though its January-- teaching someone almost our own age and she just goes,
"I feel inside me that all of this is true and I just want to get closer and closer to these things."
I was nearly in tears.
That just happened about five hours ago.
Not bad for the last real lesson.
Tonight we just have the family night in church.

Earlier we walked into a store and Micheal Buble's I wanna go home song was playing and Slla Stebar just started laughing. Irony is everywhere these days.

Last Sunday lunch=Panzarotti party
at Maria Teresa's with Uncle Stefano
and the Brothers D'Apuzzo and Grrrreta,
aka our little family. It was so fun/funny. Even with Stefano hovering over my shoulder trying to tell me
what to do..not helpful.

Pictures with all the members on Sunday (I'll show you when I get home). I didnt even cry in my last testimony. Brigette's dramatic "I hate you for leaving and I'll never forget you!"
Fllo Perego's parting words,
"Okay, if some guy at BYU comes up and says he had a dream that you are supposed to be his wife...Don't believe him!
 It doesn't work that way."
This AWESOME girl visiting from London came and brought her mostly boyfriend who lives in the area of the church and he is going to start meeting with the Anziani! She was just so cool.

Ward activities involving trying to eat pizza and play ping pong at the same time and
 playing with American children. The Italians kept harassing me to eat and I was like,
"Can't you see I am busy here?"
Only Fllo D'Elia had the right solution
of bringing it to me.

Our Naptan Cage Fighting Dog Groomer who is fluent in English as a Second Language, and his son who loves singing and dancing and bought me a bell with an owl on the top as a going away gift.
Singing on Sunday outside some stores
and Vincenzo (ward mission leader) waving a white handkerchief at me as we sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again.

It's amazing. I'm horribly devasted, but at the same time. SO excited. Because, like you said mom, every transfer has brought new possibilities and things I couldn't have even imagined. And, well, all of you are involved in this next transfer and that's excited.

Plus, one of the members, who is usually kind of a tool actually said something that really struck me. He was like, No, why are you sad? You have been a good missionary. And I was like, yeah, but that's why I want to keep going, I love it. And he was just like, No. "Il Signore ha detto basta." Which is to say, no, the Lord said, that's enough. You're done. And it's true...I am done. Well, not yet, but tomorrow morning I go to the office/mission home and thus ends the days of the Sorella Laws reign in Rome.

And, I guess that's okay. That it's been enough. and I've got so many plans for the future. Everything has a time limit of some sort. Even life itself.

So in short, I maybe unexplicably bipolar the first few weeks back.
But it's not because I don't love you loads.

Con amore,
Sorella Laws

Iz, thank you for the most amazing package ever all my companions were jealous. ;)
Greta's response to the robot socks, "Che cariiiiiiino sono!!"

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Tracy said...

Sorella Laws, I am Anziano Larsen's Mom and have so enjoyed reading your blog since I found it. Thanks for all of your great stories and pictures ( I had to steal a couple with my son in them.) I know how much you will miss your mission ( I was once a sister missionary myself). But great things await you and your faithful missionary service will now continue to bless you throughout your whole lifetime. God Bless you in the future
-Tracy Larsen