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Jan 23, 2012

2nd to last amazing missionary email you will be receiving

(Small disclaimer. This should have been loaded last week but technical difficulties prevented that from occurring.
  Stayed tune for THE last amazing email you will be receiving hopefully coming on Wed.)

 Well, another great week.

We are very excited about some new investigators because they are incredible! One is Valentina who the Ostia Sorelle were teaching but she actually lives close to our church and even closer to a member! Okay, here is the exciting, God is incredible part of the story, that morning we were brainstorming how we could help Francesca (daughter of members) because she doesn't really seem to fit in at church, well, we then go meet the Ostia sorelle so they can pass this investigator who low-and-behold has all the same interests as Francesca! Perfect, right? Yep. And she lives right by them and they gave her a ride home from church on Sunday!

Then there is Antonia who we just hit it off right off the bat she is wonderful. She lived in the same complex as missionaries 5 years ago and she approached us on the trenino, well she is just great because she wants to "frequentare" the church, relay come and be a part of it and she got excited when we told her about all the activities we do. We are really excited about her.

There is this constant ache in my heart these days, on Sunday we were singing hymns outside of some stores and people passing loved it (it was a really great activity) we starting Each Life that Touches Ours For Good and I was like, oh, man, because I wanted to cry a little but then I jokingly changed where it says, "him" to her and then Fausto started changing all the pronouns and we sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again and he goes, "this one is for Slla Laws" on the last strofa.
 Oh man, so sad. Remember how hard it was leaving each city? Well, this tops them all.
 Not to mention that I just love this ward so much and have from the beginning and might be making secret plans to come live here for a year or two.
And the other night we did FHE with Maria Teresa and Greta
(who as you can see did my hair so beautifully) and oh man, I just love both of them. and I love everyone here, but that happens anywhere I go.

Last Zone Conference I gave a perfect "dying testimony" it was funny, inspirational, and just enough dramatic pauses for tears. There wasn't a dry eye in the audience. We also had the opportunity to sing the song we arranged for Stefano's baptism of the Baptism Song and Come Thou Fount. So, special, sentimental times.

Sunday was just so beautiful because everyone is officially back from vacations and everyone is all pumped for the new year to really be good and do amazing things and our beautiful new investigator came and less actives came and Tiziana came for the first time since I've been here and finally has time to meet with us again and I had never met her but i felt like I had because of how Slla Camp talked about her.

Then we went to the Vitale Manor for lunch with Stefano and his mom, she is so sweet!
 And his house looks like a museum,
I know my friend Whitney would die if she saw it, we spent so much time trying to make houses look
 like that with props and things
when a perfect one existed in Italy all along.

Then we perfectly ran into Fausto and Daniele and Luca on the way to singing so we all showed up together (well, not Daniele he went to some GANs thing to flirt with girls).

And we have some very hilarious videos from this week that I will show you soon! Including us singing a "gospel" version of Called To Serve--its not Gladys, but we tried.

Singing presented some great opportunities to talk to people including this lady that was absolutely blown away by my testimony of the Book of Mormon,
"so it's really helped you?"
Yes! The Book of Mormon changes lives, by the way.

Now we are off to blow with Slla Kelly and the Anziani. Yay!


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