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Sep 18, 2011


Okay, bad news,
I may have lost my magical photo uploading thing,
I need to find it!

Because we took some awesome photos

today with some old greek ruins

they are delightful.

We are with the Anziani

from Gela and Agrigento, in Agrigento.

This week we have seen tons of miracles
like the old man who walked up to us,
"Are you Mormons?
I used to come to church, I think I'll come again"

or the other old man who talks our ear off,
but is really interested.
Or the old man in the hospital where Slla Palermo is
who just broke down and started crying and asked us
what he needs to do to follow Christ

(p.s.everyone cried this week,
we just kept making people cry...
and then we cried in ward council)

Slla Lecates told me she wanted to help convert an old Sicilian man, I told her it would never happen because I had heard they were stubborn.
I am starting to think maybe I was wrong.

They are amazing.
Everyone is amazing

We are friends with this Adventist man who is incredible. A
ll he wants to talk about is the Bible
and he studies it all day long,
he is amazing.
And Anz. Franceschini is doing a class
on the New Testament so he came and loved it.

We met an Australian
who became our friend and made me miss KELSIE,
amore mio, and Bree.

Again we feel like celebrities because everyone knows us
or knows someone who knows us
and Ragusa has this amazing small town feel to it.
And we are really good friends with the sandwich truck guys.
And the crazy thing is that TRANSFERS are coming up.
We get the call this Saturday
and I dont believe it but we are kind of hoping nothing changes,
because we are waiting for some people
to come back from their vacations
and it would just be sad to not see them again.

But that is kind of how mission life is,

you fall in love,

and they tear you away,

over and over and over.


Okay, I am being dramatic.

All my love,

Sorella Laws

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