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Sep 23, 2011

Still in Disneyland

Don't worry, I am still in Disneyland,
though it will be a little less so without my Disney princess companion. But, guess who is coming...

I don't think you can.
I thought it was a joke when Slla Kelly called
and told me. I am going to be with...SORELLA STEBAR. The very Slla Stebar that I have ranted and raved about for, well, almost forever, who since the MTC has been in and out of my mission life with regular consistancy in all kinds of wonderful ways.

AKA. The best.
Even better because I was sort of terrified
I was going to have to train and I don't know if I should be trusted with the upbringing of a fresh young missionary.

I was looking at the last email and it looks like it got cut off, I dont remember what all else I said, but I remember saying something like, "Sorry this is so short, but I am on the computer in the church and everyone else is playing in the other room, which is selfish I know, but I want to join them."

It ended up being a super fun day. Slla Lewis beat everyone at Sorry (I am so proud) and then I mastered a duet on the piano that I of course butchered when we filmed it so the mastery that once was is not captured. And the Anziani dropped us off just as the last bus to Ragusa (because there are only three a day) was pulling away, and the bus driver let us on mercifully.
It was an epic sort of moment.

Forgot the camera cord, so no pictures, even worse I misplaced my battery charger, I know I have another one at home, but I dont know where. I am hoping I find it when I unpack my winter stuff, because it is getting cold here already! It changes throughout the day but we left the house the other morning in a HUGE rainstorm. Two mornings actually, it has been crazy, I need to find some boots that dont have holes in them. :)

We set a baptismal date today with Corrado!
Because he started talking about how he wanted to be baptized and wanted to watch the part in the Restoration where they have a baptism at the end over and over again.

He is amazing.
He has completely changed.
Sunday he came to church in a white shirt and was clean-cut. He keeps telling us how his life has been completely turned around. He invites everyone he knows to come listen and now his friend is super interested too and SHE wants to be baptized, she just doesn't know if she can come to church because of work.

With Aurelio we haven't really said anything,
the bishop wants to do an interview to get to know him,
we dont really know the situation still and are trying to figure out a good way to bring it up. Corado is really sad that Slla L is leaving but he is excited to meet Slla Stebar so it should be good.

Things are exciting here in Ragusa!
We met up with Salvatore again and he wants to be baptized still,
he said at the end of October, but we didn't the date "officially" he still needs to come to church! But he really loves how he feels and he also has been inviting everyone he knows to hear about the church.

And why do they want to be baptized?
Because they FEEL it, we aren't doing anything here.
We just teach and invite and teach and invite and people say,
"I dont know why but I like this"
It is SO real, it's incredible.

Everyone is sad to see Slla Lewis go,
but it means that we have been VERY busy teaching like crazy because everyone wanted to see her in the last couple days.
I am so tired, but so happy.
We just walked down the street with our arms around each other, because everything just feels so perfect right now.

Did I tell you about the beautiful perfect family of our favorite (one of them) sandwich man? Because they are perfect and beautiful and so warm and inviting and we just love them but they both work allll the time so we can't see them much.

Lorenc the husband was like,
"I really like what you are telling me, but I am not sure how to tell my wife about it, I know she will like it too, I just got to think about how to present it, but we really like these things you have explained about the family." and then a few days later he tells us that he talked to her and that we can come over the next day and when we get there she says, "I love your church! I used to go in Albania" and he was like, "I had no idea!" and then they started arguing...about how great we are. Her: These people are incredible, you will see when we go to church. Him: I know, that's why I wanted to meet with them. Her: No, you don't even understand... etc. It was hilarious and wonderful.

And I have met my new favorite thing, Gassosa,
it is like Sprite but BETTER.

There are so many wonderful things that I will have to explain next week because Slla Lewis is leaving tomorrow early and we have no time today for anything.

but I love you loooooooooooooooooooads,

Sorella Laws

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