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Sep 11, 2011

we were moving mountains long before we knew we could


Well, I forgot my thingamajig, so no pictures this week, but as always there are stories.

Like the other day we had a family night with the Sorontinos who have the greatest children ever (4 of them, all fun and well-behaved) and there 6 year old son who conducted, "Good evening and welcome to this Family Night, we will sing hymn number 114 and then the prayer will be offered by Sofia" He's good.

During the lesson he kept coming up to me and whispering in my ear "are you going to stay for dinner?" "I dont know, what are you having?" then he would go over to his mom and ask, she would tell him, and he would come back and tell me. This happened a few times. He was pretty excited to have us there, though he ended up falling asleep at the dinner table, tortilla in hand. Meanwhile Fllo Sorontino recounted the hilarious story of how they met, he was looking for a job because he was engaged to someone else!

We are actually 4/4 for meals this week because everyone has invited us over for lunch and dinner. I dont think I can keep it up though, I feel like there is a balloon in my stomach. Luckily it is a balloon that tasted really good. Like pasta and more pasta and salad and chicken with this really good milk sauce.

Random, do they have cooking cream in the states, I think its 23% fat.

Sunday we helped in the Nursery, i.e. crowd control. We have to keep the kids from beating each other with colored pencils. And they all just want to sit in our laps because they are sooo tired by the last hour, but we can't :( so the members in there have 50 kids hanging off them and we just sit there (okay, not 50, 5).

That was only after I translated and directed the music in sacrament meeting and then taught the English Sunday School class. Which was a delight because Isaac pretty much took it away talked about how great the Holy Ghost is. And we talked about how people talked in tongues in the bible and how God is great.
I love Africans.

Sunday after church we went home and snagged a nap, it felt well deserved. Did I mention we had FIVE INVESTIGATORS in church!? Happy days! Corado is still just as amazing and we had an amazing lesson with his son last night, they love the church and how it is a big "family" that they really want to be a part off. Romeo came too and told his boss that he had to go to church. Yay!! Sundays are a lot less restful here on the mission, so I hope you are all taking advantage of the day of rest.

The bishop makes fun of us because we are always sitting in the church waiting for someone to come when he comes to the church, but people do come! We have had some good lessons lately, and like usual,
I just love everyone so much.

We spend our service hours on Friday making meatballs. Which sounds easy, right? Wrong. It was a battle between us and hot grease, I wont tell you how many casualties there were. They were well appreciated, however. We also washed Slla Marataro's windows, which was an adventure. She made us this delicious egg, cheese pizza.

We also visited Slla Palermo in the hospital, but only after some nuns directed us to the WRONG hospital (how Italian does that last phrase sound?) and we searched every single floor and asked everyone where she was (and made lots of friends) and it turns out she was in another hospital all along and we went later with some members.

Now a spirtual thought from Mary: "We have to be happy every day so that Satan will be sad." This is coming from the lady with problems back home in Africa, no money, in a country where she doesn't like the food, etc. etc. But I agree.
We have to be happy.
There is far more good in the world than bad.

Okay, so not too much excitement, mostly this week was just the usual, with a lot more good food. more adventures and pictures next week.

Love, love, love,
Sorella Laws

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