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Apr 7, 2011

boun giorno!

Hello Family!!!

Well, another beautiful week has come and gone. Its going quickly.
Explanation for mom. So we are at a members house in Bitonto (not our zone, but we had to go anyway) and she goes, I cant let you leave with that thing on your face, I know how to get rid of them, I have done it tons of times before. And I was like, Alright. I trust them. So next thing I know I am laying on the couch and her husband gets a giant light and all the kids are watching. She used a lot of disinfectant, dont worry. But yeah, that would be the Italian version of professional surgery.

Last Friday we got to take a field trip to Brindisi
because the Anziani there are teaching a girl that just really loves the Sorelle and wanted to meet with us. It was sort of a miracle because we got the last bus to the train station before a strike started.

And we ended up accidentally getting on the nice EuroStar train because it turned out some of the trains were striking too. But we got there...and in style. The Anziani picked us up and we walked to their church, which is tucked away in a building with a bunch of other offices. Then they get a call that shes not coming. They were flipping out and telling us how she ALWAYS comes and they were so sorry we had to travel an hour, etc. etc.

And then she walks in laughing her head off.
And we decided right then and there that we were going to like her.
Her name is Sara and she is awesome. And then the Anziani bought us gelato because the train we were supposed to take back wasnt running. But we made it back )almost) in time and it was all well. Sorella Kelly called us that night (right as we were about to call to say we were running late) and told us
we were staying in BARI!!
So it was a good Friday.

Sunday morning we didnt have church because Conference wasnt going to play until Sunday afternoon so we went to the park to talk to people. And there was a marathon going on so there were people running all over the place warming up and then they sang the Italy national anthem--aka the greatest song ever--and started running. We talked to some interesting people and ran into Frank from English course who had run the marathon,
which in the end wasnt a real marathon but 9 miles.

Conference was awesome.
All through President Monsons talk about the temple we (all us missionaries who were in the basement watching it in English) were thinking,
talk about Rome! talk about Rome!
and then he did!!

At the very end.
So great.
It is going to be glorious!!
All the talks were great. I love how they emphasized overcoming trials and helping and serving one another.

Last night we had ward council which is always hialrious because our bishop is the coolest. He was like, Okay, what are we doing for Pasqua? A picnic? And he is making ward conference a weekend long affair with pre'conference and he was writing all these things down in his agenda and then goes,
And of course Panzarotti! (filled pastries)

Most of the day we walk around talking in English accents
making fun of the way the Italians speak English.
I promise we love them lots.

We are seeing lots of little miracles every day.
That is how life works after all. And this is a short email because the computers were down for 20 minutes and now we are mostly out of time because we are going to get FroYo with the Anziani

(Anz. Avesani is living us and we are oh so sad)
and this week just went by really fast.
But its sunny and nice out and things are going swimmingly.
I love you,
Sorella Laws

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