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Mar 31, 2011

Where did March go?.......

Can you believe that its pretty much April?? We are waiting with anticipation for transfer calls this Saturday and once again I am really attached to the current city I am in and do not want to leave.
And now even more so if a package is coming for me :)

But it all works out in the end. And whereever I go next, whenever I go, I will also fall madly in love with so we will see. Feel free to cast your votes as to what will happen this transfer call. we did kinder egg predictions (where you open the kinder egg and interpret the toy inside) and I got a Beaver. Slla Foote got a dinosaur. So I was like, "I will be really busy? building dams..." to which we both thought, "so...stopping progress" haha. and i told her she was going to go extinct. p.s. if you were wondering our chocolate fast is over, ha. but our english fast went really well and we improved lots. only thing is we really should keep it up as we are already going down hill again.

It has been deliciously sunny lately (though the Italians will still yell at you for not wearing tights no matter how much the sun is shining). In fact, we just had gelato for lunch. Today was pretty great. We had an appointment and decided to go even though it was pday because it was the only time she could do it and she was really interested. Well, of course we go to Loseto (a bit outside Bari) and shes not there, doesnt answer the phone. So we knock on some doors and miracle of miracle, people opened their doors! One man wanted to let us in, but we couldnt because he was alone and we talked to another lady for a while, she has lots of health problems and was pretty sad, we told her God has a plan for her and loves her and she said, "is this his plan for me?" and gestured to her ceiling that was all exposed with wires and pipes and things. She let us in and we promised her that we could have hope, we talked to her about her kids and her nipoti and all her health problems (which is what all people like to talk about here, if they have them) and when we left she was happier than we came...and thats all I could ever ask for.

We just found an awesome guy in Loseto. We were friends with his wife because we had asked her for directions before and we went to give her a Book of Mormon and ended up talking to her husband. He told us he didnt have time to read another book. He told us how he studied to be a priest for 20 or so years and was 4 years short of becoming a priest when he decided not to. He said he wasnt sure why. We talked to him for probably 30 minutes about the Book of Mormon and how it answers questions. He said he doesnt understand why everyone interprets the Bible differently.Then he asked us questions like, "where are we going after this?" "why do bad things happen" so on and so forth and every question we were like, "its in this book." He said "are you sure?" and we said, "yes." I told him how I have complete confidence in why I am here and where I am going and that he could too if he would just read and pray. By the end he was much more interested in reading it and told us to stop by again.

Life is busy but amazing. Somehow we are so often in the right place at the right time. It comes with the title I suppose. We found out that a members husband had died and we happened to be right by the busstop that would take us to her house. So then we went and got flowers from the flowershop man that we are friends with and took them to her. Her family was there and they were so grateful. Her daughter has a boyfriend who now wants to meet with the missionaries.

A few days later we had a funeral-party and it was awesome. I love the members in this ward so much. We ate and talked and everyone was happy despite the sad ocassion. And Bishop was like, "We have really elegant sister missionaries these days" and me and Slla Foote were like, what? Because I, for one, have never felt less elegant in my life with my current wardrobe and little did he know that that evening I happened to be wearing tights with a HUGE run in the back that Slla Foote pointed out to me far too late. But the crazy thing is...everyone has been telling us how good looking we are lately. Okay, that sounded conceited. But random old ladies on the street and people on the bus and members etc. and of course the endless string of awkward men. but I dont know what will happen when the sun comes out and I cant wear cardigans anymore...

We made fliers that we have been passing out to people for conference. They say, "if there was a prophet on the earth, would you listen to him?" with the information. I AM SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE. Yep, I have become a Church-nerd. These are the things that excite me and I couldnt be happier about it. Everyone, God speaks to us today.
He has not forgotten us like so many people believe.

Now, if someone really loved me they would do me this favor...Download a bunch of conference talks in Italian, burn it to a disk, and mail it to me. That way I could practice my Italian better. Okay, I just discovered that these computers have itunes so maybe I could download them onto my iPod myself. I just told that to Slla Foote and she told me I sounded like a nerd. I said,
"thats exactly what i just wrote."

Antonia is getting baptized the 9th or 16th...probably the 16th and she had an amazing experience where she told her sister that she was done with problems and that she was going to become a new Antonia and that she didnt care what anyone said because she was happy and felt better than ever before and she had found 2 angels and the church of Christ. Her sister asked her what church it was because she could tell she was so much happier. And this is the same Antonia that we thought would never want to leave the Catholic church. But she read and prayed and came to church and she knows its true. Its so simple.
And now...everyone go watch this video. I love it. So the new year was like four months ago (feels like yesterday to me) but http://mormon.org/videos the one called "Look Not Behind You". Basically, I love New Yorkers.
And I just want to make movies for the Church.
Oh gosh, again with the Church nerd.
But, seriously, they are really improving their films.

Know that my love for you all is a never ending cascade like Niagra Falls (everyone here is obsessed with Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon and I fail them as I havent seen either) that gushes endlessly but I will say it once more

I love you,

(and I love Bari, pray that I dont get transferred quite yet)

Sorella Laws

oh, ps.

Happy Birthday, Alex-baby!! Even though I havent heard a darn thing from you I assume you made it to 21. go on a mission.


Sorella Casaro who had us vacuum her books before we packed them up. Her husband was teaching Anz. Avesani martial arts during the funeral party.

Notice anything different about my face?
Yeah, that ugly thing is gone.
Don't worry I definitely had it professionally removed...

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