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Apr 20, 2011

We are tired.

We celebrted Pasqua early with giant chocolate eggs.

I was excited, but then the prize in mine was super lame so I was less excited.

It was Slla Footes Birthday and her dad always buys her a red rose. I enlisted the help of the Anziani and they came up with this. My response was, ..Um, this is an entire forest.. to which they said, ..He asked us if we wanted normal or deluxe. And we said deluxe va bene..

Slla Foote was surprised and it all went well.

a pic of me and Slla Hashey who has the same jacket as me and happens to know two people I know.. Lynzie and Whitney Graham.

Okay, so yesterday during our prep day myldsmail was down so we couldnt email and we ate I watched Slla Foote sleep instead. And we have been living a hectic life lately. In a good way. There is just so. much. to. do. And we are SO tired. And now I only have pochissimi minuti to write you because I am making an INSANE slideshow and it has taken forever.

p.s. Thank you to Devin Graham, Amy Jo, Kelsie Moore, because I got permission to search online for pictures for this amazing fireside we are doing and...well, I stole your photographs. Even Mollys Ultrasounds are making an appearance if we can get them to work. The jist of the slideshow is that we have everything because God loves us so its all about nature and families and beautiful things.

example, yesterday evening we went to the church to do the prova. Bishop was supposed to help us, but he came late, so we spent some time cutting bunny noses out of felt with the Relief Society until he finally came. Then his computer didnt even end up working. but, on the bright side he had Mamma Mia music and we got to make fun of him for that. ..Mamma Mia? You have that on your iPod?.. No, Bishop, thats on YOUR computer. .. Oh, well, it is a great musical, Dancing Queen, that is a great song. Then after enlisting the help of five other people and lots of comments about how the Sisters cause us all kinds of problems (Anz. Reyes and Kafel are out of town and therefore not there to help) we finally used Giuseppes computer. Luckily near everyone was at the church because all the activities were that night. And its going to be good, but we havent finished the slideshow yet and its taking WAY more time than it should.

We had an amazing lesson with Bishop and Antonia, she got SO excited when we said he was coming and was like, ..We have to move into the other room!!.. So we moved from our usual spot in the kitchen where we have sat many a time watching her sew into the dining room. It was a happy occassion. I told her what you said, mom, and she was so pleased. She said to say hi to you for her. I still dont have a picture with her, she said I had to wait til Sunday because then shell be all dressed up.

We ran into Chilotam this week. He asked us why we havent called and we told him it was because he said HE would call. He then turned to me and said, ..Hows your boyfriend, do you call him often?.. ..Um, no, we can only talk through letters.. ..Do you miss him.. ..Yeah, but its okay.. and then later Slla Foote goes, ..You have a boyfriend?.. I have NO idea where he got that one, but I just went with it. Then he asked what we were doing and when we told him he responded ..No. When you are talking to people you are not working.. So. I guess I should take back what I said, we havent been working at all lately.

We went to Bitonto Sunday and they love us there. Meanwhile, our ward was like why do you have to go to Bitonto!? We have been to Loseto twice and always have amazing adventures in the little town talking to everyone on the bus and making friends with people walking their dog and everyone who works at the two stores that are there.

I love you,

Sorella Laws

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