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Jul 19, 2010

When you are in a slightly-more-intimate-than-friendship relationship with someone you start thinking about certain things you didn't have to think about before. Does my breath smell good? Does my hair smell good? Does the rest of me smell good? Do these smells compliment each other? Are my lips chapped? Is there anything unsightly up my nose or on the rest of my face? What is the condition of my chin? How have I never paid attention to my chin before? Do I wear makeup? Is it subtle enough? Is my hair clean? Are my feet clean? Does it really matter if my feet are clean? Does this cardigan make me look fat? What do my teeth look like?

These are also the things I consider before I went to the dentist this morning. That and if I was wearing shoes that would fall off. I'm too paranoid to wear flip-flops to the dentist, because they lay you back and sometime your shoes fall off. I mean it's never happened to me, but what if??


redneckzilla said...

You still goin' to Heder's dad for your dental work dear?

Kelsie Lynn said...

It's happened to me.