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Jul 20, 2010

love, love, love

I LOVE Oregon.

1. My skin isn't dry. 2. I spent the very, very beginning of today looking at the stars through a break in dark silhouettes of trees. There were BATS flying over our heads. Which sounds scary (and maybe it should've been, but hey, I'm not Batman in his early years) but I thought it was most fantastic. And twigs breaking and other kinds of noises coming from the bushes that might have been anything from aliens to centaurs (oops, I'm a nerd) but there is something so exciting about know there are crazy living creatures nearby, just doing what they do. Oh, and the human that was nearby at the time is rather likable too.

Not to mention when I got home from church on Sunday there were three deer just chilling in my neighbors yard eating cherries. And they just looked at me when I drove up, like, "What?"

And three more crossed in front of us today when my brother was driving.

Now, there are exciting living things in Provo...you know, stray kittens that live under stairwells...and the occasional deer.

And the world is sort of beautiful and magical, right? I mean there are all kinds of crazy things in it. Everywhere.

Also, I love the radio because I got into my car recently, anticipating being kind of sad but Viva La Vida was playing and then Like a Prayer came on. So I couldn't even be sad.

Not like that time a year ago I got into my car sad and Casimir Pulaski Day was playing and my gas tank meter went straight from F to E and I was pretty sure I was in a movie.

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