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Jun 1, 2010


in my life i've always struggled with things that have time limits.

like, saving candy bars for month, because I know once they were opened, they'd soon be gone.
whenever i got a quarter and there was a bunch of different machines i would go for the one with plastic pieces of junk, because even though they were usually lame, at least they'd last longer than anything edible.
i'd always save the red Skittles for last and eat the rest first.
or thinking, "oh, well, i can't spend very much time with this person, may as well not try and see them at all."
or never sending letters because they don't seem good enough.

but i've learned...
candy bars get gross if you save them for too long.
sometimes a handful of Sprees is more satisfying than a plastic ring that doesn't even fit on your finger.
and if you save the best Skittles for last your brother will come by and eat them before you get a chance to.

so instead of being like, "oh this can't last i might as well not even give it a go at all" you can be like, "hey, this might be something awesome that i can enjoy...even if it's for a short period of time."
because there are these things called memories.
and you can remember the taste of those skittles after they're gone.

and if you always save things for the right time, there may never be a time at all.

* * *

i was feeling lame for not thinking of a proper way to celebrate memorial day...then my dad called this morning and told me his mom had passed away. she was a really great, strong lady that i wish i had been able to know better. she raised ten kids pretty much single-handedly and they all turned out pretty great. i got to spend some time with my uncle's family on sunday and they're pretty phenomenal and boy, can my aunt whip up a good meal. :) family is an organization that compares to no other. it is of uncomprehendable importance.

* * *

i just have to say that i really appreciate the kind of people where hanging out for an evening can go from dancing down the street with an oversized boombox (seriously, if you've never heard Chromeo go look them up) to very loud sing-a-longs to Celine Dion to smoothie drinking to watching Back to the Future to etc.

* * *

sometimes i say really silly things. like: "speaking of Two-Face, did anyone see Iron Man 2?" or making a Glee reference in a room full of men, 2/3 of whom had facial hair.

* * *

too often i forget to breathe. while doing yoga, laughing, parallel parking...etc.
not breathing kills brain cells, so that explains a lot.

* * *

i really, really, really love my brother and his wife. got to spend some time with heather (and evann) as tyler had boys' weekend across the street from their apartment. we did all kinds of things like driving to the gas station for ice cream bars, listening to the glee soundtrack, eating pizza, watching chick-flicks, talking about boys. etc. then we went and shot guns with the boys.

* * *

shooting things (not alive things) is really, really enjoyable. so is looking at animal bones, even though it's kind of morbid too. that's what i got out of my trip to idaho.

* * *

"Darkness, for me, was still light, but in a new form and new rhythm. It was light at a slower pace. In other words, nothing in the world, not even what I saw inside myself with closed eyelids, was outside this great miracle of light." -Jacques Lusseyran

* * *

if you didn't appreciate anything else in this post, i hope you can appreciate this:

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