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Jun 4, 2010

what if life was like the Sims and you could tell how people felt about you just by looking at the symbols above their head?

what would your Sims (I can't even remember how it works it's like + and -?) feel/show about me, huh?


Kelsie Lynn said...

what the? I just read this in a book I was reading.
no wait, he talked about people having colours or something. like a colour radar that says if your in love, or hateful, angry, happy, sad, rararaaa

it would be cool but crazy

Nate & Kristen said...

You would see that I'm afraid of you ... but you'd have to read it right: It's because I think you're cool, I envy your creativity and you're so full of life. I feel like death next to you (that's supposed to be a compliment). Why would Someone lively want to talk to death?