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May 29, 2010

no good, horrible, rotten, very bad day.

why today was lousy:
-got a parking ticket, because one tire of my car was three inches over the line (thanks for nothing, provo)
-the girl at kinko's had to take my passport picture a dozen times because i kept blinking
(i thought it was sort of amusing, she didn't at all)
-and the final picture, where they were open still wasn't pretty (in fact it is quite awful)
-i discovered it was due to my own stupidity and not because of a card defect that my debit card wouldn't work
-frustrations at work
-worrying about things that really don't matter for 20 months or so
-getting prideful because of my good start and then sucking at driving manual
-not enough you in my life
-being surprised because there was a djb in my window
(it was kind of funny, i guess, but due to that and another recent occasion of scaredom i'm now afraid to walk around my own place :p)
-not being able to come up with anything exciting to do for the three-day weekend.
-everyone's facebook statuses are about california and i want to go back

things that were actually quite great today:
+they had my fav things in the lunch buffet at indian palace
+awesome birthday presents
+babetta kelly (hachi to the hachi)
+sitting on the floor even though there's plenty of furniture
+honeydew boba
+that i don't work at rooster anymore
+letter from e.
+package from kels
+seeing tommy m and tommy l interact
+long conversation with mum where she was quite helpful
+watching the simpsons and remembering childhood

"you might actually be the definition of insane."
-E. Rhondeau

yesterday i got a card in the mail.
it was from my dog.
thanks, Laika.
(my mom is the greatest ever, ever, ever)

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Candice said...

where did you get honeydew boba???!!!!