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Jun 13, 2010

it all went perfectly as a funeral should.

the prayers were full of those beautiful pauses that happen when people try and steady their voices.
simple, but blooming arrangements of flowers.
car after car joined the procession. and that was just family.
turns out, you acquire a lot of family when you have ten kids and live for 93 years.
trying to sightread a song that all the granddaughters were singing for the opening song.
oh, but it's okay, because the grandsons were straight up, unarguably awful.
very adorably so. and good comic relief.
and potentially the only african american in blanding sang at her gravesite.

and then we ate the classic funeral potatoes and green beans and ham complete with jello with bananas in it.

then wandering around the cemetery at golden hour. the wonderful thing about the blanding cemetery is that there are probably only five different names altogether on the tombstones.

we are quite lucky to live in a beautiful world.
and to know that even after we leave we are headed somewhere even more wonderful.

i am happy gram gets to see the love of her life after 40 years of missing him.

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