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Jun 15, 2010

some exciting information about my physical health

i don't know why my stomach is so cross with me right now.
i fed it two really good grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and dinner.
and i even ate something green and some fruit.
and i drank 1/10 of a water bottle.
and i only ate a few of the 28 donuts i got for $3 (ask me how!)

speaking of bodies we talked about deep tissue massages and realigning muscles today and i just want one. someone rearrange my body into the right shape. because i have the dexterity of an old person and my muscles always alternate which one choose to ache on any given day. example, right now my upper thigh hurts awfully, but you can't exactly go up to your friend and be like, "hey, buddy, want to help me out? i really need someone to massage my...upper thigh." maybe you can, but i'm not sure any of my friends love me that much. and i'm too cheap to approach a professional about it.
but there are people who will actually go in and rearrange your muscles...move them from one place to another and apparently it hurts like heck but you feel great afterwards. and they can reach up through your ribcage to your lungs or something crazy like that.
mostly i'm concerned about it now because i am going to be walking 24/7 for 18 months straight and hope my body doesn't completely fall apart or contract into a tangle of misplaced limbs.
because i'm always an achy mess. i still work 12-20 hour days on film sets running around and lifting things, but i'm basically an old person.

and there's a lump in my arm. i tried to diagnose myself through the internet. turns out typing in "strange arm lump" into google doesn't yield helpful results. i figured that's what doctors do when they leave the room for extended periods of time. but then i realized that i am not actually interested in doing research on "strange lumps" because i'm a bit of a hypochondriac and don't need to come away thinking i have seven types of incurable diseases.

lately i keep telling myself i'll go to bed early
but then great people come over and want to have awesome conversations.
and i like that just as much as sleeping (wait, more).

on a texting fast for a week.
if you love me you'll call.