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Jun 20, 2010

"in film, it's nice to have someone who believes in you from start to finish."
-Candice, my intelligent friend/neighbor.
who willingly looked at a wedding inspiration blog with me for a couple hours tonight.
because i am a girl. so what?

"What are you doing this week?"
"Working, trying to wrap up my life here in Provo."
"You know that's a sign of someone who is suicidal, 'wrapping up their life' are you feeling alright?"
"Well, people keep telling me when I go on a mission I'm pretty much dead to them. So, yes, voluntary temporary death."

"your mom is telling everyone that she is producing your mission."
(laughter in the background) "not everyone!"
i told her she was producing my mission because every time she calls it's to ask if i've done the paperwork or bought any clothes, etc.

"hello, it's me!"
"you're wearing overalls!"
"yes, they're back in! i just wish these didn't look so 90s and didn't say old navy on them."

"what is this!? just kidding, it's a hymn--so it's great."

sitting watching a movie when the roommate comes in...
"can i watch with you guys?"
"yes, of course."
"great, i love this movie."
(moment passes)
"should i date someone if she's only going to be around until august?"
"sure. why not?"
"do we need to pause the movie for this?"
"no it's fine...
(moment passes)
...it's just that--"
"okay." [pauses the movie]

"i'm trapped in my closet. long story. I'm bored, so i thought i would text you to say hello."

"what if i said, i'm a 21-year-old girl, i'm not creepy?"
"that'd probably make it worse."

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