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Jun 21, 2010

i don't like living alone anymore.
it was fun at first.
i miss kelsie.
i don't sleep well at night these days and it's weird waking in the middle of the night to a completely empty house.
it's sad coming home to an empty house. every. time.
it's not fun to wake up when no one around you is waking up.
it's too quiet.
i could die in this apartment and no one would know.

meanwhile, i am a slave to five different masters and it's wearing me down.
because all i want to do is watching toy story 3 and maybe hang out with people.


redneckzilla said...

Let's go see Toy Story 3 soon.

redneckzilla said...

Also, why haven't I seen you all weekend? This is the lamest.

Kelsie Lynn said...

ek. my heart cracked.

I remember waking up alone every day during christmas break, which was no where near as long as summer break, but I definitely missed my laws companion. the love runs deep.
I'm sorry you are in an upside down apartment by yourself.

Kelsie Lynn said...

I wish I made that sound more sincere.

I really love you.