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Jun 10, 2010

i dug out my old
"i'm sad because i have no love anymore" mix from almost a year ago.
and it consists of:
4 guster songs
3 arcade fire songs
and 1 eels song

i feel like that is not normal...or very complete.

today was sort of awful. except for an awesome conversation in 114 where we all got passionate about things. and watching hachiko: a dog's tale with running commentary:

"What the dog POV!?!? This is preposterous."
"Oh, we've got ourselves a sassy black lady."

"Richard Gere is a dance teacher!?"
"Of course, didn't you see Shall You Dance--Shall We Dance?"
"I didn't see the American one because I would have vomited all over."
-B. Kellz

"Of course he inspired a town, there's only three people in the town."

And they never did tell us who Luke was...

Was the movie so bad it was painful? No.
Was the dog so cute it was painful? Y-e-s.

Can I have an Akita please??


Kelsie Lynn said...

finally, haichi has been seen by Provo's number 1 dog movie lover.

babetta said...

Oh yeah! Who was Luke?!?! I got distracted by my sleeping a bit midway. Woke up just in time for the leaves changing two and a half times...thankfully.

P.S. My word verification thing, to make sure I'm not a robot so that I can make this comment on your blog, is "coodiess". Thought you might enjoy that.