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Jun 7, 2010

today i had one of those "the more you learn the more you realize you know nothing" moments.
it's like, "oh i'm starting to get this...nope, no idea what's going on."
sort of like algebra.

and i just really want a nap.
i am so burned out
and feel so lame
but all i want to do is watch movies with cozy people in cozy environments
or lay in the grass and stare at the sky and feel the wind on my skin

but instead i've been running Hotel Laws (and being a Provo tour guide) and grading papers (probably too nicely) and post-productioning First Look and mission prepping and airport shuttling and commitment making and feature film production assisting and funeral attending and falling asleep during Robin Hood (which was better than everyone said) and JLP hunting and leaving presents for people to sleep on and spending time with the family which has been really great and trying to catch up with people and turning my apartment right-side up again and answering emails and not answering emails etc.

more importantly, today is my mother's birthday and i love her
and wanted to buy her flowers but i was with her all day so i tried to be sneaky, but she watched me buy them.
the thought counts.

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