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Jun 11, 2010


Glee Finale:
Didn't know whether I should cry or throw up.

I say this lovingly, but the writing is SO awful.
They pack too much into each episode and are ultimately running themselves into the ground.
Because [spoiler alert] Quinn's already had her baby (oh and guess who adopts her...yeah, that is realistic, not) and everyone's already dated/tried to date everyone. Rachel already knows who her mom is. People parents have already dated/moved in with each other. Divorces have happened. etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and they actually think Shoe is a good example for them? Are they aware of how many people he has made out with in the last nine months either impulsively or because he wanted something from them?

And apparently, saying I love you during the season finale makes up for episodes and episodes of bad behavior/sleeping around.

And everyone gets what they want, whether they actually deserve it or not.

Oh, and apparently having a baby only takes the length of one song (granted it was Bohemian Rhapsody [oh, and thanks for ruining that song for me])

The person who is doing a good job? Whoever chooses the music and whoever gets the guest actors. The cast is really charming too, I just feel like they aren't given much to work with.


redneckzilla said...

You're kidding me. Prime time television isn't all it's cracked up to be??

The only thing you should be doing while watching Glee is laughing knowingly and just enjoying the stupidity of it all. Watching to glean important life lessons is about as useful as trying to understand the water cycle by staring at the clouds. You're getting a rough idea of the full picture. But, then again, that's the main idea/problem with almost all television. It's a business, not an educational tool.

Alyssa said...

I think a lot of watching Glee is suspending reality and laughing at the hilarity and ridiculousness of it all. But I definitely agree with you on Bohemian Rhapsody...song ruined.