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Mar 30, 2010

this is my life.

if i were to sit down and try and describe my life, day-by-day, to people...i'm not sure it'd really make much sense.

friday: 6am call time. had bags and balloons and books and boxes a plenty in car. ran sound and did art. drove while holding a beat board (4'x4'x1" piece of styrofoam) out the window. watched people sing and dance in the freezing cold. supervised side-walk chalk drawings. pulled mirrors off walls. ate a muffin. filmed til four. worked until 9 in the basement of the hfac. watched a disney sing-a-long tape. ate the most amazing pizza that has ever been customized for me. fell asleep watching hook.

saturday: we spent time in the computer lab...i wrote enya lyrics on the white board. a rap was formed out of audio clips from a certain professor. mexican food was eaten. the cashier was nice and let me try all the drinks before i choose one. then watched a four hour movie that i loved for many, many reasons (might have to discuss that one more later). then conversations that went all kinds of crazy places from serial killers to hickeys. i fell asleep on the floor.

sunday: church. talked about dreams. burned a bagel and filled the whole house with smoke. made another bagel that was a success. meetings, meetings, meetings. visited melanie in her shack house :). sat in the grass. dropped kels off. researched what lye looks like. spent much time debating lye-lookalikes. collected props for filming. drove to temple, sat outside and read my scriptures, wrote in my journal, life made sense for a small moment. picked up kels. lounged about. called mum. ward prayer. ate a cookie. 1st AD/director meeting. ate applesauce. looked at wedding pictures. showed up on jennie's doorstep, parked car in the middle of the road. laid on mattress in the living room. picked up willem. almost ran over cat version of willem. dropped off willem. picked up djb. dropped off jennie. went to smith's. home. sleep.

monday: woke up early, showered, but then went back to bed and ended up late for class. applied fake beard to face. drove to spanish fork--and past the exit five times. ate mexican food. loaded props in car. went to bree's. talked about film and borrowing neighbor children for films. dropped props off at AKH. sang loudly to Love Today - Mika while driving. went to class. prof pogo-sticked. discussed our script. designed ear tatoos. someone asked me to marry them (2nd person in the last few days). tried to reinvent handwriting. took kels home. ate a bagel. went back to AKH. threw pots and pans and utensils and fake coffee and apple cores and etc. all over an almost-kitchen. cleaned up baking powder several times.


redneckzilla said...

"almost ran over cat version of willem."

This is pure literature.

Jennie said...

"almost ran over cat version of willem."

can't tell you how hard I laughed.
maybe you are as funny as you think you are.