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Mar 31, 2010

thanks for some good movies, England

lately, i have done an unusual thing for me....i have watched a movie. two even!

The first was the 4 hour long BBC spectacular North and South. I liked it not only because it had that Pride and Prejudice-esqe painful love story that we love to torture ourselves with. But also because it was this beautiful story of the complications of industrialization and the factory worker versus the factory owner. It wonderfully showed both sides of the issue and made you fall in love with just about everyone. Which makes for a good story, in my mind. Also the loverboy was way attractive, which is always a plus. And it didn't feel like four hours.

Another was Young Victoria, I know, I'm all wrapped up in British period pieces, but they have a certain charm and passion not captured by many other genres. Besides the cinematography (ask me about that sometime, because, oh, do I have a thing or two to say about that).

Again, I liked that this story wasn't just a story about a princess who fell in love with a prince. It is about a young woman who leads a country trying to balance strength and humility who luckily is able to marry the love of her life. Perhaps the only man that would be her equal partner.

It is a hard thing, for a woman to assert dominance in a male-dominated world. It goes against years of tradition. Men have more muscles and deeper voices, it makes sense that they should be the leaders. On the other hand, there are some kick-a ladies out there. Also, we females are better at multi-tasking, which comes in handy often.

But there is also a part in the movie where her mom tells her, "You are confusing stubbornness with strength." And I started wondering how often I do that. I am aware that I am obnoxiously stubborn sometimes. But other times I also think maybe I am not stubborn enough. Because if I have an idea I want a chance to express it rather than getting shoved off to one side, which I feel like has been happening to me a lot lately, in certain situations. I LOVE collaborating. I think team-writing is a magical occurrence where ideas no one dreamed of can be born and crafted. But it needs to actively involve all parties. I also am quite aware that sometimes I have horrible ideas and I am okay with that being recognized, its when an idea gets ignored completely that I get miffed.

In other words, I am not obsessed with love stories. Love just happens to have a way of making its way into every story.
because. it's. important.

Also, I really like that for once it showed the boys being all in love and pining over a girl.

and now i'll get off the soapbox...but if we're not passionate about something we're not very interesting.


Kelsie Lynn said...

between last night when i saw you and at 2pm this afternoon- you have seen the young victoria? awesome awesome.

alos, if there is anything to be passionate about, im glad you are passionate about love.

Kels said...

North & South is one my most favorite movies for all of the reasons you listed.

And the scene at the end? Where they FINALLY kiss. Swoon worthy.

Alyssa said...

North & South is some kind of amazing. And yes, when they finally kiss - oh, goodness.