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Jan 27, 2010

once upon a time we found this somewhere online.

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Another blast from the past, via E's blog, where I am left wondering how my brain works the way it does:

Aside from the fact that Ren's been talking in a quasi-Irish/New York accent for the last hour, and this post, and the completely magical moment where we pinky-promised at the exact same time (that's a jinx I just don't know how to deal with), I really love her most for this:

E: "I'm supposed to be reading Dickens right now."

R: "Oh, what one?"

E: "Hard Times. All of it."

R: "Right. So basically it's like the something-hundreds and everyone's going through hard times because life is hard, you know. But they all have their hard times separately, but intertwined, like a net together. And some of them persevere but some of them just give up, probably. And there's probably someone named Clive, or Tiny Tim. Hard Times applies every time you're having hard times, which is a lot times. Today I had hard times. Yesterday I had hard times. Tomorrow I'll have hard times. So the moral of the story is, when you have hard times, it's important to read Dickens' book called Hard Times because it makes us realise that at least we aren't wearing funny clothes or eating hard bread and also it's important to know that it's called hard times for these times, and it aims to highlight the social and economic pressures that some people were experiencing, unlike some other novels of the time. It's unique because it's not set in London. He's also satiring, so you know that's going to be good. Especially since the first book is called Sowing. Which is symbolic, because you know, The Sow and the Wing. And you reap what you sow. And it's important to sow good works or else you'll have hard times."


R: "I've never read it."

Oh, E, you always brought out the best in me.

Alyssa Quotes of the Day:
You don't spoon on the couch with your guy friends!

Me: Relationships are hard.
A: They're a necessary evil.


Kelsie Lynn said...

hahaha! ahh Alyssa "a necessary evil"

good post. you are funny

Alyssa said...

I love this post. A lot. But mostly I love you and Kelsie for letting me come over, making me tea, and staying up with me until all hours of the night. Y'all are the greatest; I'd lose my mind without y'all.

Sleepover + Angus, Thongs SOOOOOOON!

redneckzilla said...

That is a very close analysis of that book. You should be proud.

(I've also never read Hard Times)