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Jan 29, 2010

sleeping in my head

Lately I've been sleeping in a lot.
I don't have classes on tues, thurs, friday, and my wednesday morning class got cancelled.
The thing is, except one night when I stayed up writing, I've been going to bed early too.

So I feel lazier than all get-out. BUT I've been having amazing, crazy dreams every night.

I dreamed that we had this huge bag of skittles and they decided to add watermelon flavor and when I looked at the bottom of the bag (I didn't eat any, because even in my dream I was sugar-fasting) it said, "Our new flavor is thanks to the arduous comment from Ren Laws" And there was a flashback and I remembered writing to the company and telling them that there should be watermelon flavored skittles. And then I showed my dad the bag and he was impressed.

I dreamed I was in a hardware store and for whatever reason I was running around with a can of whipped cream. And I was eating it, but this person was trying to chase me down, so I was also using it as a means for holding them off, spraying it on the floor in very Home Alone like tactics. Then I finally come back and my dad was in line buying party supplies...at a hardware store.

I dreamed I was on this ranch or something. And this guy and I sort of hit it off we kissed a couple times and were walking through this field together. Only then he moved his ring from his middle finger to his ring finger and I was like, "Le gasp! You are married!?!" It was actually someone I know in real life but have never really talked to, which is always awkward city when you wake up and are like, "Why exactly was I dreaming about that person?" Back to the dream, he actually wasn't married, just pretending to be...But I dumped him anyway. I think there were horses around too.

I dreamed I had woken up and not brushed my teeth yet so I had horrible breath and I was talking to someone and trying to convince them not to inhale with their nose.

That was all just last night. Previous nights:

I dreamed that we found the most magnificent house to live in. It was all wooden inside with turquoise and red decorations and about a dozen clocks crowded on the mantelpiece. It was like the house in Matilda but even more fantastic. It is interesting too, because whenever I dream I usually only notice around three colors. So this was very red, turquoise, and wood-brown. There was a huge yard with little bird hoping around. It was just magical.

I also dreamed we moved into a beach house.

In short, sometimes sleeping is actually more exciting than being awake.

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