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Nov 15, 2009

against the grain

right now i'm awake at 4:19am because my body was so cold it wouldn't generate heat no matter how many blankets i had on. so i am huddled up to my laptop, which conveniently produce heat out of the bottom, with a cup of cocoa by my feet.

why am i so cold?
because we spent three hours outside in the freezing cold filming an old lady spray flour and fake sewage everywhere.
before that we were in the most posh funeral home
before that we were in the most posh restaurant in provo (eat there) communal
before that we were in the most posh lobby area at the courthouse

because when you make movies you never really know where you'll find yourself...
jogging backwards with five other people wrangling camera and light cords
funneling chili/yams/corn/fruit punch into a hose
lighting old car parts on fire
putting fake rats in sandwiches
eating lasagna in a laundry mat
putting cat food on bread
hiding behind the front seat of a car recording sound
praying no one breaks anything at the locations
dressing sets that don't even get seen

not to mention the pre-production
tramping through junkyards in heels (because I had just come from an interview)
a million midnight trips to wal-mart
knocking on stranger's doors asking them to use their house
calling every grocery store/funeral home in the city and surrounding cities
researching coffin rentals
finding fake shotguns and real axes
meetings, designs, changing designs
finding can openers at 2 o'clock in the morning

life has been a blur, i can't believe November is half over. did October even happen?
i have a cut on my hand and have no idea where it came from...
i imagine this is what having a hangover is like, ha.

now i'm going to put my life back together
go back to class (because before the flu i hadn't missed one, now i've missed a week)
clean out my car
clean my room
get healthy
go grocery shopping
find my keys?

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