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Nov 8, 2009

sick,sick,suck (that last one was a typo, but i'm leaving it)

dear friends
(namely jennie, diana, kelsie, and devin)
thanks for risking contamination to bring me things.
balloons, mexican food, orange juice and 7-up never tasted so good.
(i didn't actually try and eat the balloons, but you know what i mean)

being sick makes me have the craziest dreams that i only vaguely remember

i woke up this morning thinking in italian.
the night before that i dreamed my front tooth had gotten knocked out of place. it was all crooked and bleeding like crazy.
and my mom was like, "what on earth did you do? better have your father fix it."
and i thought to myself, he's not a real dentist

also some things that seem like they should be dreams aren't.
like, we really did pick up the passenger seat of a car from a man named Sam who was in a flannel shirt and leather suspenders with a dog named Nic (n-i-c) and it is now sitting in my living room.

being sick has brought about one good thing:
i've been able to watch pushing daisies.
love that show.

breakfast this morning was parmesan rice-a-roni, orange juice+7-up, hot chocolate
being sick also makes me suuuuper hungry for random things.

i've had pokerface stuck in my head for the last three days
thanks to weezer covering it on their new album
and thanks to dan for making me listen to it

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redneckzilla said...

I'm now reading your blog. Why haven't I before? Same reason I never read Kelsie's. I'ma bad frand.

U f33l1n' better?