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Nov 16, 2009

blog your heart out

(the last post was #444, which is kinda cool)

so, in an effort to connect with humanity and discover stories of people i don't know i clicked the little "next blog" button at the top of this page.

and what did i discover?
page after page of baby pictures.
or pregnant pictures.
or first step pictures.
first birthday pictures.
four month check up pictures.
ultrasound pictures.
birth day pictures.

and at first i was amused and judgmental of this baby love-affair that has swept blog land. after all, everyone should be intellectual and have opinions about politics and movies or be incredibly witty and satirical.


sure, i am not going to sit down and read post after post on these blogs.
after reading several first sentences i already know waaaay more about pregnancy and breast feeding and conception than i really need to know at this point in my single. sexually inactive life.

side note: personally, i am terrified and slightly nauseated by the process of pregnancy (something my mother is probably grateful for at this point in my life). i have no desire whatsoever to carry something in my womb for nine months only to painfully heave it out. is there a real word for pregonaphobia?

but after flipping through blog after blog (because it became a sort of addiction/game, could there really be this many baby blogs?) i started getting outside my own fear and uncomfortablitalities and realized something...

these people are people.
and they want to have babies.
and babies are something wonderful and adorable and they should be celebrated.
especially for people who have struggled so hard to have them.

as much as i want to throw up/curl up in a corner when i imagine being pregnant, i know deep down, that if i wanted a baby and couldn't have one i'd be heartbroken and devastated.

so i want to publicly take back any mocking i've made mentally this last while as i blog surfed.
blogs are for talking about what you love or just talking about whatever you want to talk about.

so celebrate away, baby lovers!!

and yes, your baby is the cutest ever.

side note: i seriously think i hit some sort of genre cataloging of the blogs, because i must've gone through thirty or so... all. about. babies.

1 comment:

redneckzilla said...

Gross. Babies R gross. Babies smell bad. Babies come out all weird and alien looking.

Babies when they are new borns R gross. They R aliens. They look ugly.

I hope one day when you're 30 you can look back on this post with fond memories.