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Dec 1, 2012


Alex and I are doing photoshoots for Christmas Cards if anyone is interested let me know.

Alex's 5D is our new favourite toy/pet/baby and we couldn't wait to test out the low light capacity it has. I suggested Christmas lights--because I love, love them as a light source. A couple walked up and asked if we wanted them to take a picture of both of us--in exchange we took some for them, turns out he is the brother of a friend of mine. Everyone is connected in Provo.

 Basically I am in love with "D" (as we (or maybe just I) call "him" (the camera) because I like naming things and Alex is convinced inanimate objects have feelings--kid watches too much Pixar)

 I love this half red half green photo with the pine tree in the background. Oh and that face is nice too.

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