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Dec 27, 2012

Christmas Tweets

Made for TV Christmas movies: Start out bad, almost redeem themselves with some funny and/or heartwarming parts then end like a train wreck
25 DecLauren Laws ‏@lawsren
I just watched my 30ish aged brothers playing with my niece's toys. They were making a zebra eat a dinosaur. 
RT  Kramer becomes addicted to fruitcake. George's gf (Helena Bonham Carter) insists on celebrating Winter Solstice.
Everyone else got more candy in their stockings...does Santa think I'm fat? Because HE'S fat.
Mum got me more presents than the others so now commences the ritual handing me the bag of clothes to sneak down to my room.
Does the casting director for the muppets sit around and make tough decisions like whether or not Kermit should play the lead this time.
MP3 downloads... Red $1.99 on Amazon and Les Mis for $5 merry Christmas.

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