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Jul 3, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Today my co-worker critiqued my water bottle drinking skills. 
"It's not a boy, you don't need to put your lips all over it."

"We'll set up the loft bed...and then hang the hammock under it."
"No. We'll put a desk and another bed under it. You're fun. I'm practical."
"And that's why we make a great team."

"Zac Efron is like Justin Timberlake. I want to hate him...but he's actually really talented."

"It's a blessing and a curse."
"I feel like you could say that about all your personality traits."

"I mean this in the most platonic way, but you have many attributes that would make for a great wife."

"Why are you always wasting my life with youtube videos instead of enlightening my life with violin pop dancing?"
"You know you can have both of those."

Review of the new Spiderman movie: 
"Was it good?"
"Girls will like it."

"This should be the scruff standard at BYU. It would be so simple: if you don't look as good as [Paul] Newman you gotta shave." -Mrs. Kelly

"I like that I can always count on you to high five me over the smallest accomplishments."

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