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Jun 24, 2012

daily affairs

every day has its adventures. today was magic from the start...which was about 4am.
because, turns out when i work AND play real hard during the week i have NO energy for the weekend and fall asleep at 7pm on a friday night.

so, i arose at 4am, which was 9 hours of sleep, i thought maybe my body would go back to sleep so i watched some episodes of New Girl--you know, Zooey D. in all her glory. chit-chatted with a peep or two living on the other side of the pond and thought maybe i'd go back to sleep.

didn't happen.

but i was excited to finally tackle the bathroom that had great need of help in the cleanliness department.
that took about 15 minutes.
then i put on the smallest amount of clothes possible and went for a run before the rest of the world, including that darn sun woke up.

i am not a person who is in shape. 
i am a person who thinks running is boring.
but yesterday i said i would start tomorrow so i had to do it.
i started with a small amount and made it to the park where i did some jumping jacks and crunches and lunges and what-not before running around a little more and watching the sun slowly come up.
then i laid in the grass and read the scriptures on my phone.

spent some quality alone time with myself and God and nature.
it's not always easy to be alone in Provo, UT.

being alone was nice for a while then i really started wishing other people were awake.
and then i fell asleep for a couple hours as everyone else woke up.

went to the FARMER'S MARKET which ended up being the most MAGICAL thing ever.
i decided the only way to buy things is from actual people because after the farmer's market i drove to pleasant grove to buy a printer off craigslist, more on that later.

the lovely old man selling cherries. the crazy lady and her discount earrings. the beautiful girl from Kenya. the jeweler man that is my new BFF and I may not buy a ring from anyone else ever again. the poser boys who don't even know what foundation they are selling things for. the friendly people trying to start up their own Asian restaurant. the girls giving out flowers for free. the man who can engrave a ring made out of seeds in "uno minute". such a lovely community feel to the whole thing. we bought something from the lovely Kenya girl and she gave us bonus necklaces made out of newspaper (but you'd never guess). 

i use the word lovely a lot, but most of the time i can't think of a better word than that. it's such a good word. 

then we went and bought a pot for our flowers. i went on an adventure to get a printer for a craft project i am working on and drove to pleasant grove, where i went to find a place to break my 20 so i could buy the printer and all i could find was a closed general store. until...

...i noticed the strawberry festival. and bought a soft pretzel and nacho cheese, exactly what i needed after finally being active this morning...not.

buying things of craigslist is kind of exciting, you never know who is going to answer the door. who is it that no longer wants their printer/stroller/couch/tv. what's their story? we may never know.

i drove their and back to the sounds of high school aka New Amsterdam.

then...office movie night ended up being Speed Racer. was a more magnificent movie ever made?

and now, i am writing, which also makes me happy.

hooray for today! 

and why am i asleep on the couch at 2am...again.


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