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Jun 1, 2012

30 things and 20 things

My beautiful friend Alyssa came up with a list of 30 things, 30 writing prompts to write about and I decided, since it seems like the cool thing to do, that I would do it for the month of June, seeing as it starts today and there are 30 days, seemed like a good idea and a good deadline. Here's hoping I keep up, because I'm not going to cheat by editing the date on the post ;)

So, here comes number 1.
List 20 random facts about yourself.
.I really, really like curry. Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese. If my stomach could handle it I would eat it every single day...maybe even every meal.
.I'm a film major who hasn't seen very many movies.
.If I lived somewhere cold I would wear flannel every day.
.I'm not afraid of spiders.
.I don't like dark sunglasses. On me or on other people.
.I did, however, find the perfect sunglasses that make everything look like golden hour.
.I'm about to be an aunt again!
.I like dressing up to go see movies. Even if it's not opening night.
.I like green candy and pink candy. Doesn't matter what kind of candy we are talking they're always the best flavors.
.Some people wish their life was a musical. I actively work to make mine one by singing and dancing in public and wearing bright colors as well as often finding myself in whimsical situations
.I've had a blog since 6th grade and have probably written 20 things about myself about 20 times by now.
.I love television shows. I love that feeling of falling in love with characters over a long period of time, week after week, instead of just a couple hours in a movie.
.I love loving.
.I was a vegetarian most of my growing-up years, except I always had this weakness for Wendy's chicken nuggets, my family called me a "selectetarian."
.I have no less than eight nicknames all in active use. Sometimes I don't know how to introduce myself.
.I wish I had a camera strapped to my forehead to capture all the brilliant moments in my life.
.I was born at 10:13am on the 23rd of the 5th month. 10+13=23. 2+3=5.  I wish the year fit into the equation.
.I oddly love having my calves massaged. Maybe more than any other part of my body. Like those chairs in the mall? *drool*
.I love good drinks. smoothies, apple cider, strawberry lemonade/limeades, gourmet cocoas, milkshakes, slurpees, etc.
.In elementary school I hated when people said I had black hair...I still kind of do.

20a. I do calf raises in random places when I'm bored. Especially in elevators or waiting in lines. I also do crunches when I'm just hanging out with people and there is a floor handy. Much to the amusement of BKellz.


A. said...

Love your list. Also, your hair totally isn't black. It's clearly dark brown.

babetta said...

You probably love having your calves massaged because they are always sore from you constantly doing calf raises in random locations at all hours of the day or night.

That should have been one of your 20 random facts now that I think about it.

Nate & Kristen said...

I had the black hair problem too. Definately not black.