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May 23, 2012

missed connections.

Sometimes we fall instantly in love with people we don't really know.
Or at least I do. If you don't you should try it.

That old man sitting on the bench, what is he doing there? Is he waiting for someone?
That lady in the store juggling children, strollers, and her merchandise. 
The stranger you make significant eye contact with.
That person at church/school/work you've never actually talked to.

That little baby inside your stomach that didn't quite make it. 

I just think, hey little friend that I've never really met and never will. 
I love you lots and I know there is something special about you that I will never know. 
I'm thinking these thoughts I will never tell you.
But I don't need to know you personally to love you all the same
and to feel a little absence when you leave.

I'm convinced heaven is reconnecting with not just the people we know and love, but the people we never got to know but still love. Or those we didn't get to know well enough.

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