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May 25, 2012

birthday and birthday eve.

Tuesday I fulfilled my two month long dream of wanting to try Station 22's Footlong Corndog.
It was not everything I hoped for.
Little known fact is I am a part-time connoisseur of corn dogs.
But it was free because the girl thought DJB and I were on a date and automatically rung them up together, ha! I wasn't about to correct her.
I liked the sandwich (don't remember which) that I got there before better.
But the fries are good and seasoned well.

Then on my way off campus I spontaneously ran into someone from my ward 2 years ago that I completely forgot about and a friend who was going to visit other friends I had been meaning to catch up with. I ran into the first guy again today. It's enough to make someone believe in serendipity, the fact that in a school of 30,000 I run into the same ten people over and over in completely different places. It's all conveniently orchestrated and gives life such a Truman Show feel.

I can't go anywhere without running into several people I know and all the people I know know each other somehow.

Tuesday night I decided Angela might be my favorite person to shop with as she can talk me into things with lines like, "That shows off your awesome body." and "You have to get it because it looks hot." My post-mission self is still a little reserved after months of calf length skirts. "Is this too tight?" "It's a swimsuit." and she painted my toes with glitter. Now and again I enjoy being a girl, I just have to be talked into it. She also bought me a delicious cupcake from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, winner of cupcake wars.

Afterward, instead of doing homework I made red velvet cake-cookie sandwiches with cream cheese frosting in the middle. I brought them to class because I miss birthdays in elementary school where people bring treats. They were a hit.

Birthday dinner involved everyone I love, who could, coming to Slab. I wish I had taken a picture. I adore you all. And then Di bought me a Cocoa Bean drink. I came home and my roommate had made me brownies.

So overall a happy couple of days and my body hates me.

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