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Feb 14, 2012

the valentine's day post.

I wouldn't call myself the most "romantic" person in the world. Romantic being roses, diamonds, and fancy restaurants. None of which interest me.

My idea of love involves wearing sweatshirts + leggings and cuddling while eating thai food and/or ice cream with gummi bears. Building forts out of blankets. Watching reruns of Seinfeld/Boy Meets World/something similar. AKA my life with Elizabeth and S204. Or late-night adventures under the stars and singing in cars. Falling asleep on the couch with Rancheritos in front of us. Dancing in the street. Going to movies in coordinating outfits. Curry. Slurpees. Walking on the beach and getting milkshakes. Watching old movies and getting really into them. Hiding behind doors and scaring people like Hobbes. Impromptu music vidoes. You know, the same stuff everyone likes.

vintage sweater from aunt Sybil. arrow through my heart. love it.

And after 18 months of actively ignoring any sort of romantical interest I don't even know where to begin or do with my life as far as love.

But, I will describe my perfect Valentine in five easy steps:
1. Good sense of humor.
2. Real sense of adventure.
3. Likes dancing.
4. A total fox.
5. Has a voice like George Clooney.

Maybe you know someone like that?

Only downside is he's already taken.

Mrs. Fox: We're all different. [indicates Mr. Fox] Especially him. But there's something kind of fantastic about that, isn't there?


Did you see the ADORABLE video on the google homepage? Isn't it really that simple in the end?

my other favorite VLNT9's cartoon

Then there's everyone's favorite couple....these videos are silly but, who can resist it??

What I was really looking for was just the scene at the end of Season 2 where he kisses her, because wasn't that like the manliest thing you've ever seen? Who thinks, I just got rejected, I am going to go for it anyway? Blew my mind the first time I saw it. And still does. Gutsy.

and more fun: how to write a crazy love letter

my Valentine's day mission: figure out what to do with the middle aged men from across the sea that are quite possibly in love with me.

my Valentine's day advice: Just call her. You know she'd love to hear from you and it's not like the number's changed.

the other greatest love story:

"Love is meant to be an ADVENTURE."
-Gordon B. Hinkley

In other holiday news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OREGON!!
She celebrated by being her beautiful grey and gloomy self.
love you, state of my heart.

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A. said...

s204. nothing short of pure magic.