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Feb 14, 2012

more thoughts on amore.

A shout out to my favorite not couples:

Liz Lemon and Jack(y) D.
Is it wrong that I want that to happen so desperately.
Gosh, what a tease.

Elaine and Jerry.

Jess and Rori.
It is like the most painful thing ever for me that that never happens.

And me and JP.

And NOT favorite couples:
Anyone with Justin Bieber. Sorry, but he looks 14.

Watched Grease tonight. Yes I am aware I have a million movies to catch up on but instead am watching reruns and old movies. I have no structure in my life!!!!!

Went to a "social event" and still feel awkward because I just want to kiss everyone...the Italian way not the Valentine's day way.

1 comment:

redneckzilla said...

I woke up with that scene from My Best Friend's Wedding in my head, the one where Cammy D sings karaoke in the bar, and I blamed you for it.

captcha of the day: LORD nterrif