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Feb 10, 2012


plus sides to being sick:
.meeting interesting doctors
.wearing leggings and flannel shirts all day
.watching movies
.like alice and wonderland (i'm so behind, because i was behind before i even got behind)
.and then having weird dreams afterwards about following the rabbit through a labrynth and trying to find will ferrel...not sure how he was going to help, but in the dream i kept saying, "guys, we should just call will ferrell! where's my iphone?"
.[like i could actually make a call with it once i got it in my hands]
.maybe because i also watched season 7 of the office in a 1.5 days.
.blue powerade tastes 1,000 times more delicious.
.watching Seinfeld and then remembering how funny Seinfeld is while sitting in waiting rooms.
i should clarify i really haven't been to the doctor that much, part of that was the eye doctor which doesn't have anything to do with anything...unless they're the ones who gave me this!

.waking up at 4am 3 days in a row with weird allergic reactions that made me wonder, "am i a man or a muppet??" because my face was GIANT. in different places each day. and today there were giant welts on my legs. but everything goes away during the day and then comes back.

apparently i am allergic to sleeping...or my bed...or i really need to stop cage fighting in my sleep. funny, that i thought coming home i would magically never get sick again, ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. it was a nice thought.

i will show you fotos of the hideousness for a fee of a 20 oz. (minimum) slurpee.
smartphone is good for something

reality check:
sitting in the doctor's office looking at these incredible photos makes you feel silly for complaining about anything ever.

and lastly, because this post is consistently off topic and because i like it:

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A. said...

Love it. I love that Coldplay song too.

Feel better soon!